Deluxe Scratch Off World Map

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Indulge In Your Love Of Our Great Wide World - Starting Today!

Do you harbor a love for travel and adventure?

Is one of your life’s dreams to travel far and wide and see the wonders of the world with your own eyes?

Are you fond of daydreaming of your past wanderings or your future journeys?

If so, Sjaf may just have the perfect item for you to decorate your walls with!

Track Your Travels With This Unique Scratch Off World Map

This world map is different than all the others - it’s your personal world map!

A simple but brilliant concept paired with a beautiful execution, this is an elegantly styled map of the modern world, but with a twist. It features a layer of scratch off material, which you can easily scratch to reveal the area, country or city beneath!

So scratch off the countries you’ve been to, or the countries you wish to visit, or the countries whose language you speak or whose cuisine you’ve tried - it’s up to you!

Create An Imaginative Visual Diary To Record Your Aspirations & Adventures

If you’re a parent or teacher, The Indulge Store's scratch off world map makes for a marvelous opportunity and a fun way to teach your young ones about geography.

Alternatively, you could use it as an educational tool in dozens of other activities.

Creativity and imagination are the only limits!

An Ideal Gift For Those Of Your Friends Or Family Members Afflicted With Wanderlust

Either to remind us of their past endeavors or to help them plan our future ones, this innovative scratch off world map would be the ideal present for those of us who have the spirit of adventure running in their veins!

Size: 32.4 x 23.4 inches

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