Individual Freshwater Oyster Pearl

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Every freshwater oyster has at least one pearl! Talk about a fun and unique gift!

Each Oyster with Pearl is ON SALE for only $12.00 each!

Won't find these prices this good on Amazon, Ebay, or Etsy. Marked down for special seasonal sales. Most are about $15 each (price of oyster + shipping).


Pearl colors: white, pink, black, purple. Each color has a special meaning:

Black-- Luck
White-- Health
Pink-- Happiness
Purple-- Love


The size of each pearl is 5-7mm. They are rice pearls (oval shaped).

The mollusk is not alive but is preserved in alcohol. It is sealed inside a can. These oysters were raised on an oyster farm for the purpose of creating a pearl. If remained sealed and unopened, these oysters will last for over a year inside its can. There is no fishy odor  when opening the item because of the preservation process.



  1. Open the oyster
  2. Fine your PEARL!!
  3. Remove the pearl from the oyster
  4. Oooh and Ahhh, and reflect for awhile on your pearl's special meaning
  5. Share the other oysters with friends and family. Or keep them all for yourself. No judgment here. :) 
  6. Be extra awesome and send us a picture!

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